In the work that I create, process and technique are very important to me . Physically constructing my pieces are key components of my art. How my work is constructed plays a very important role to each work. I am driven to push my pieces through physical process; this includes building a drawing robot in order to collaborate with the human, and natural environment, and translating this into etchings and engravings on metal plates to create imagery. The physical printing process is scrutinized as well. These different methods of creating art allow for an open-ended path. Plates can be printed in a myriad of ways, and one digital piece can be coded, and constructed to fit any vision. Sensors can be swapped out, plates can be cut, or extremely etched, and mediums can be combined in order to modify the final product. Having the ability to work in two mediums allows pieces to either remain exclusive to their native medium, or find insightful ways in which to combine them into one piece. I am drawn to the making process of my work first, while searching for meaning or concept as the final image is produced. My work is evolving with each new piece, and I am approaching a conversation between the two mediums, I am excited as an artist to place even more of my voice within my work, as the technical aspects are honed, and the content coincides with the effort of the physical making process.