Devlin Caldwell is a Digital Media Artist/Printmaker, who was born in Manhattan, KS. His family noticed his skills as an artist quite quickly, as he would begin to draw on his school assignments: worksheets, quizzes and even class notes. In 2005 he tested out of entry-level classes in middle school and realized he could do almost anything he wanted. However, he found his passion in art at age 14. He was originally interested in graphic design, more specifically, vinyl decals for cars (He believes his interest in the Fast and Furious movies contributing to this career aspiration) but during his time studying at Kansas State University, he felt that Digital/New Media art involved more creative freedom, and less of a commercial restriction and application, as well as potential to use a variety of technology. He felt that Printmaking was a way to improve his digital work, and eventually became heavily interested in merging the two mediums. As he advanced through the art program at Kansas State, he took interest in creating machines that make their own unique mark on paper, as he felt that this execution was an intriguing way for his digital work to merge well with his print work, which is focused on copper plate etchings/engravings; the work is made stronger by the use of color, and attention to methods of printing the plates themselves. Devlin continues his studio practice in Manhattan, Kansas while seeking new possibilitiesfor his merging of digital experimental media processes and traditional printmaking methods.